Top 10 Icon Fonts

Remember the archaic times of yesteryear, when you would have to create a multitude of images for element of the website you were working on. Everything from background gradients to box shadows to curved corners, and worst of all, text. Dark days. One of the latest mod-cons of web design, and one that has come none too soon, is icon fonts. Gone are the days of having to create your icons to a specific size, then maybe if you were feeling sassy turn it into a sprite, just for the plush novelty of ‘hover effect’.
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Character count + input limitation plugin with jQuery

Like most web developers, over the years I’ve managed to amass a decent collection of functions and plugins that form part of my core javascript library for most projects I work on.

After writing character count functionality for several different projects I finally decided to turn it into a convenient reusable plugin.
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Google Code Treasures

The Google Code Treasure Chest

Today in my general daily online pottering I was looking around for some Google Maps examples, and trying to see if PlaceSearch was still a thing. Turns out it’s been deprecated, however, I did manage to find a repository of all the Google Maps sample code and examples. Pretty cool – but nothing that special. Then I started thinking about what other gems might be hosted on the domain. A quick sub-domain lookup later and I’d uncovered 61 different Google projects – most of which I’d never heard of.
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