A Brief History of SEO

You might remember the plethora of different search engines which floated around the internet in the mid-nineties.

These search engines were pretty primitive by today’s standards. Since the web was a much smaller place back then, many ‘search engines’ were just Yellow Pages-style directories which were compiled by humans. Crawlers (aka spiders) arrived in 1993 – these would index the content of your site and follow any links you had to other sites so it could index them too. Continue Reading

How to manage your time freelancing

If you worked a standard office job before you started freelancing, time management was probably something you didn’t need to worry too much about. You probably had a project manager to take care of what needed to be done and when it needed to be done by.

Of course, now you’re a freelancer, you don’t have the luxury of outsourcing your time management – earning a living wage is reliant upon you managing your day effectively. Here’s a few tips which have helped me out in the past.

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The Evolution of online typography

Go onto pretty much any modern website and you’ll be greeted with text rendered in beautiful, crisp and exciting font. You probably see online typography like this every day and take it for granted, whether you’re reading it on a computer screen or on your phone.

But it wasn’t always this way. Spare a thought for your internet ancestors, who had to endure webpages written in badly rendered and downright ugly fonts. Continue Reading

Material Design - UK Design Services

Will 2015 be the year of material design?

In many ways, desktop web design and mobile web design have evolved completely independent of each other, and it’s often been tricky for developers to perfectly replicate the functionality of a desktop site on mobile, and vice versa.
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Designing A business blog

Where to start when designing a business website blog

So you’ve decided to create a website for your company? Exciting times lie ahead. But where to start if you’ve never designed a website before? The truth is, there’s a multitude of different things to consider – but here are some tips to help you lay the foundations of your website’s design.
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UK Design Services back in action

Well, it’s been seven long years since my last portfolio redesign owing to both the blessing and the curse of having a steady stream of freelance work to keep me busy. But sometimes you have to say enough is enough – in this industry it just doesn’t do to brand yourself a Freelance Web Designer and Developer, yet not have a web presence that you would be prepared to point potential clients at.
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