The Brand

UK Design Services was approached to create a Broadway specific theatre ticketing brand for London Theatre Direct / Finale.  Already in a dominant position in London theatre tickets, the company was looking to expand it’s user base across the Atlantic.  With a domain name already purchased, UK Design Services was asked to create a brand and website for Broadway Bunny, and to link it to a modified version of London Theatre Direct’s existing REST API.

We went through several different logo iterations before settling on the final logo. The client wanted a simple, bold logo.

The Website

We determined the best way to turn around the website in the desired timeframe was to re-purpose the London Theatre Direct WordPress plugin.  UK Design Services developed the bespoke plugin for partners and affiliates who wanted to sell tickets directly through their website, and it has since been used for the Shows in London website.


The Broadway Bunny website was built with a mobile-first design.  This involved creating a ux language that implemented large, bold buttons, linking images, and simple navigation.



We developed a special omni-search plugin, to create a strong visual event search.  When the search is triggered it draws the full focus of the screen, positioning the search in the perfect position in the viewport. Using WordPress AJAX handlers and creating a minified post search, the search latency was kept to a mininum,

Broadway Bunny