The Brand

UK Design Services was approached to create a company brand and identity for RCNA Consulting.

The first part of the design process for RCNA was to design an eye-catching logo, to create a memorable identity and professional impression to potential clients.

As a consultancy firm, it was especially important to create a trustworthy brand for RCNA, something that was both straightforward and confident in it’s simplicity.

The Website

We wanted to make a very clean, authoritative website, with a clear air of competence and restraint.  The large bold headers on each page have almost a business-card like simplicity; straight forward and to the point.

In line with RCNA’s creative clientele, we added innovative hero section backgrounds.  Like the logo, these were designed to characterise business performance and successful results.  The live backgrounds are actually charts, created with the ChartJs javascript library.  We decided on this approach rather than creating our own SVG charts so we could keep the designs dynamic, and update and modify them simply in the future if required.

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