Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimisation Services

UK Design Services’ robust approach to SEO combines sophisticated content analysis with innovative technical expertise to deliver a thorough assessment of your websites search engine preparedness. Our encyclopedic knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of SEO best practice, combined with extensive experience setting up, managing and auditing complex Google Analytics properties allow us to provide a granular assessment of recommendations that will provide the best results for your website.

Structured Data + Schema Markup

Enhancing how and where you appear in search engines is ultimate goal of any search engine optimisation strategy. By correctly annotating your website with structured data you gain the enormous benefit of ‘enhanced search listings’, whether this is in the form of reviews, offers or event performances, making your search result stand out from your competitors is a sure way to improve your organic click-through-rate.

DataLayer and Tag Manager

Whether you’re an enterprise-level ecommerce provider, a marketing agency, or a small business, there’s no doubt that correctly tracking and tagging your web properties is high on your priority list.  And if it’s not, it should be!

For existing and legacy websites, UK Design Services offers a tag manager migration service, combining all your tracking pixels, audience tags, and ecommerce tracking into a Google Tag Manager container.  We’ll set up all the tags, triggers and dataLayer, and verify all the data for you – so you can focus on running your business.

For new websites, we’ll setup all your tracking for you, and give you the tools to edit and manage it yourself, saving ongoing development costs, or the headache of hiring a web developer every time you need to add a pixel to your website.

Consistent success improving organic traffic through technical + on-page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Technical SEO Audit

UK Design Services can complete a thorough Technical SEO audit of your website. Our extensive checklist includes checks for semantic tag structures, correctly annotated canonical and meta tag data, and full validation of, and recommendations for structured data and data.

We’ll run a comprehensive scan of your website and highlight any technical issues, dead links, poorly optimised images, and page speed lags that your website has.

Furthermore, unlike the majority of SEO companies and agencies, UK Design Services have the expertise and necessary experience required to fix these issues for you.  What more could you ask for?

Local SEO Expert

Most disposable income is spent within 20 miles of the home, meaning locally targeting your SEO is essential for any bricks-and-mortar business. As search engines’ geolocational and contextual awareness improve, the ability for potential customers to find location-specific businesses and services has improved greatly. UK Design Services can help optimise your single location or chain business for local searchers. Correctly setup and configure your Google ‘My Business’ listings, organise your website’s URLS and structure, and teach you how to create localised content to ensure your customers find you when they need you.