Ticketing Technology

Ticketing Technology Expert

Our passion for ticketing technology stems from UK Design Services extensive experience in the ticketing industry. Over the past decade, we’ve worked for, contracted for, and freelanced for a broad selection of ticketing agencies. With a focus on London theatre, UK Design Services have experience building successful customer journeys, intelligently optimising conversion rates and working directly with many ticketing APIs and venue systems.

Ecommerce Ticketing

As well as improving your sites’ user experience, conversion rate and search engine ranking, UK Design Services can look at your technical operations and help determine new revenue streams through API partnerships, integrations and cutting edge web technologies. We can either consult you on how to integrate these directly into your existing infrastructure, or if you’re ready to make a big change, we can implement all our recommendations into a brand new business solution just for you. We’ll give you the tools to maintain your project internally, or stay on as support for as little or as much time as you need.

End-to-end creation of ticketing websites, integrating a range of ticketing platforms

Online Ticket Sales Specialist

We can help maximise your conversion rates, optimise your user experience across different platforms, and develop tools and plugins to expand your customer base. In addition to designing, building and working on multi-million pound turnover ecommerce ticketing companies, we also have comprehensive expertise in customer behaviour analysis, Google Tag Manager migration and maintenance, and technical SEO specifically for ticketing websites.

Ecommerce Ticketing

Ticketing Web Design

In such a competitive industry, it is gratifying to get the chance to work on prestigious ticketing websites, and we’re very proud that a lot of our customers come back to UK Design Services every time they need a new web site. Not only does this give us an excellent in-depth knowledge of the industry, but working on high-profile, high turnover ticketing websites also gives an excellent insight into what work design styles and functionalities work and what do not.