A Brief History of SEO

You might remember the plethora of different search engines which floated around the internet in the mid-nineties.

These search engines were pretty primitive by today’s standards. Since the web was a much smaller place back then, many ‘search engines’ were just Yellow Pages-style directories which were compiled by humans. Crawlers (aka spiders) arrived in 1993 – these would index the content of your site and follow any links you had to other sites so it could index them too. Continue Reading

Material Design - UK Design Services

Will 2015 be the year of material design?

In many ways, desktop web design and mobile web design have evolved completely independent of each other, and it’s often been tricky for developers to perfectly replicate the functionality of a desktop site on mobile, and vice versa.
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Google Web Designer

So, anyone heard of Google Web Designer yet?

My first thought when someone first brought it to my attention was: “Well, it’s finally happened, Google has put me and all web professionals out of jobs… I wonder what qualifications you need to sell hats..?”. So I took a deep breath and pressed the “Download” button.
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Google Code Treasures

The Google Code Treasure Chest

Today in my general daily online pottering I was looking around for some Google Maps examples, and trying to see if PlaceSearch was still a thing. Turns out it’s been deprecated, however, I did manage to find a repository of all the Google Maps sample code and examples. Pretty cool – but nothing that special. Then I started thinking about what other gems might be hosted on the googlecode.com domain. A quick sub-domain lookup later and I’d uncovered 61 different Google projects – most of which I’d never heard of.
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