Tabbr (2010)

I started learning to play the guitar back at Leeds University; a good friend of mine in first year used to have a bit of a strum whenever we were round at his halls – and I was pretty keen to learn myself. When I was next back at my parent’s I ventured up into the recesses of the loft and emerged mere hours later with an old Spanish guitar – it had the wrong strings on, it didn’t stay in tune for longer than a few hours at a time, but it was still one of my prized possessions, and still is to this day.

Everything I learnt about playing guitar I learnt from online guitar tabs – usually from Ultimate Guitar. I found it a fantastic resource, and certainly wouldn’t have a hope of learning if it hadn’t been for tablature.

When I started to write my own guitar music it found it quite difficult to format my own tablature. It was generally a long and tedious process, that would normally end with unsatisfactory results, so one day when I was travelling almost the entire distance of the Northern Line to visit a friend in South Wimbledon I decided to pull out my wonderful 8.9″ Dell Netbook and start working on this. By the time I arrived at my destination I was pretty much complete – there were a few tweaks that followed, the structure and functionality were ready.

The Application
Built entirely with jQuery and XML back in 2010, Tabbr was the first and only tool I have ever used for transposing Guitar tablature. At the time I was unable to find anything similar, however I can’t guarantee that it hasn’t been wholly surpassed by several other applications since then. As it was only ever a personal project there was never really any skinning involved in Tabbr. Graphic styling for Tabbr remains (along with about a dozen other projects) forever on my todo pile.

Outline of the Tabbr technology:

  • jQuery 1.3.2
  • XML (for preset chords
  • CSS
  • HTML (all dynamically generated with Javascript)

Launch Tabbr

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