Tradr (2014)

It all started late last year, when a good friend informed me that Fresh Books were crowdsourcing a round of investment. Somehow he convinced me that we should get involved (to this day I’m not entirely sure how we will recoup the share value from a non-public company). Anyway, a month or so after that minor, sullen attempt at investment I received an email from announcing their upcoming IPO. Now to me this was pretty interesting to me, as I’ve been a member of Freelancer for years, both as a customer and as a freelancer. Soon afterwards I convinced my friend that we should set up international trading accounts and start playing the stock market.

To manage our portfolio (aptly named ‘Benshared’ after the two investors), we found that the most reliable service to keep an eye on share prices in real time was offered by (surprise, surprise) Google. Using Google Finance is a fantastic way to manage your portfolio – however we still found that it lacked in some surprisingly intrinsic functionality: the ability to work out exactly what price your shares have to achieve to make profit. When dealing with international trading you are generally having to deal with your capital (for us this is in GBP), your commission currency (as our holdings are based in Luxembourg, this is calculated in EUR), and the settlement currency of the trade, which, as we normally deal with tech companies is generally in USD.

The Application
Tradr is a Javascript web application, developed to work out cross-currency conversion rates and calculating investment costs. Using realtime currency data – stored in Javascript Local Storage, Tradr work out the number of shares available in any currency with your capital, taking into account commission currency and immediately display percentage changes from commissions, share prices required to break even, and the point at which your shares will be in profit.

Outline of the Tradr technology:

  • jQuery 1.10
  • Class + Singleton based Javascript
  • Javscript Local Storage
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • HTML (Dynamically generated by Javascript)
  • Grunt

Launch Tradr

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